Unit 1: Introduction to Archaeology


Welcome to Unit 1: Introduction to Archaeology.

In this unit we will be looking at the aims of archaeology and how archaeologists go about reconstructing the human past.

The study period for this unit will start the week commencing 21 October 2002.


By the end of this unit, you should:

Weekly Discussion Topic

As mentioned in Unit 0, each week, there will be a discussion topic, which will cover the material in the unit. Please read through the material with the discussion topic clearly in your mind, and then share your thoughts with your peers on the Discussion Forum. Your tutor will post a dedicated conversation thread to this end. Below is the discussion topic to bear in mind for this unit. You will find that the Pause and Reflect activities feed into these discussion topics, serving to stimulate your thoughts around these.

Discuss the ways in which evidence can be put together rigorously to learn about people from the past.