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Unit 0 Overview.    Introduction to Course Materials
This unit can mostly be neglected by Oxford users, but it does contain a downloadable glossary of technical terms. We recommend that you look at Session 1, which will ensure that you have the best computer set up in order to be able to follow the course.
U0: Session 1
Getting Ready
U0: Session 2
Getting Started
U0: Session 3
Resources and Information

Unit 1 Overview.    Introduction to Archaeology
In this unit we introduce you to the general ideas of archaeology, including an overview of the general aims of archaeology and how archaeologists go about reconstructing the human past.
U1: Session 1
Aims of Archaeology
U1: Session 2
Archaeological Time
U1: Session 3
Archaeological Epochs on Crete
U1: Session 4
Types of Archaeological Evidence
U1: Session 5
Collecting Evidence
U1: Session 6
Resources and Information

Unit 2 Overview.    History of Archaeology on Crete
This unit provides an introduction to the history of archaeological discoveries in Crete.
U2: Session 1
Greek Revival and the Archaeology of the Classical Past
U2: Session 2
Evans and Early Aegean Prehistory
U2: Session 3
Archaeology of Mediaeval-Modern Crete
U2: Session 4
How the Greek Government Manages Archaeology in Crete Today
U2: Session 5
Resources and Information

Unit 3 Overview.    Excavations on Crete: Three Examples from Three Epochs
In this unit we look at specific sites, namely: the Minoan palace of Knossos in the Neo-Palatial period; Gortyn in the Roman period, and Venetian Khania, a fine example of Mediaeval-Modern Crete.
U3: Session 1
Prehistoric Crete: Neo-Palatial Knossos
U3: Session 2
Graeco-Roman Crete: Roman-Late Roman Gortyn
U3: Session 3
Mediaeval-Modern Crete: Venetian Khania
U3: Session 4
U3: Session 5
Resources and Information

Unit 4 Overview.    A Survey on Crete: the Sphakia Survey
In this unit you will learn how to use an actual archaeological database, from an archaeological survey in the district of Sphakia, in south-western (SW) Crete.
U4: Session 1
Prehistoric Sphakia: Neo-Palatial Agia Marina
U4: Session 2
Graeco-Roman Sphakia: the Sanctuary at Agiasmatsi Cave and the Settlement at Agios Astratigos
U4: Session 3
Mediaeval-Modern Sphakia: the Venetian Village of Patsianos and its Surroundings
U4: Session 4
U4: Session 5
Putting It All Together
U4: Session 6
Resources and Information