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Required Reading


  Author(s): Jeffery Pike.
  Title: Insight Guide: Crete (5th Edition)
  Year: 2001
  Edition: 3rd
  Publisher: Insight Guides

  Author(s): Colin Renfrew, Paul Bahn.
  Title: Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice
  Year: 2000
  Edition: 3rd
  Publisher: Thames and Hudson

Though not required reading for this course, we recommend the following as an excellent source of information on Crete.

  Author(s): Pat Cameron.
  Title: Blue Guide: Crete
  Year: 2003
  Edition: 7th
  Publisher: A & C Black Norton

Online Resources

  Sphakia Web site

  Alliance for Lifelong Learning

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  List of Sphakia Project Specialists

  Ashmolean Museum


Nixon, Lucia and Simon Price 1995. The Sphakia Survey Greece: Methods and Results, videotape (50 Minutes). Oxford Media Production Unit, 37 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD


A glossary of technical terms used throughout the material is included here. As previously mentioned, terms to be found in the glossary are presented in bold in the first instance in a lesson. We suggest that you print this glossary now and keep it by you to refer to as you work through the course.

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