Resources and Information

Unit 3

Required Reading

  Author(s): Colin Renfrew, Paul Bahn.
  Title: Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice
  Year: 2000
  Edition: 3rd
  Publisher: Thames and Hudson
  Page(s): Chapter 3

  Author(s): Jeffery Pike.
  Title: Insight Guide: Crete
  Year: 2001
  Publisher: Insight Guides
  Page(s): 106-17 on Knossos, 136 (Messara map), 39-41, 140-2 on Gortyn, 174-81 on Khania, 149-54 on Rethymno, 98-105 on Herakleion

Further Reading

Unit 3 Session 1


  Author(s): Jack L. Davis, Cynthia W. Shelmerdine.
  Title: A Guide to the Palace of Nestor, Mycenaean Sites in its Environs and The Chora Museum.
  Year: 2001
  Publisher: American School of Classical Studies at Athens
  Published in: Athens

  Author(s): Jack L. Davis (Ed.).
  Title: Sandy Pylos: An Archaeological History from Nestor to Navarino
  Year: 1998
  Publisher: University of Texas Press
  Published in: Austin

  Author(s): Yannis Tzedakis, Holley Martlew.
  Title: Minoans and Mycenaeans: Flavours of their Time
  Year: 1999
  Publisher: Kapon Editions
  Published in: Athens
on Minoan food and drink etc.

Unit 3 Session 2


  Author(s): Sarah P. Morris.
  Title: Daidalos and the Origins of Greek Art
  Year: 1992
  Publisher: Princeton University Press
  Published in: Princeton
Information on Archaic Cretan art.

  Author(s): Ian F. Sanders.
  Title: Roman Crete
  Year: 1982
  Publisher: Aris and Phillips
  Published in: Warminster, Wiltshire
  Page(s): Pp 63-7, 71-80, 108-14, 156-9 on Gortyn

  Author(s): James Whitley.
  Title: The Archaeology of Ancient Greece
  Year: 2001
  Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  Published in: Cambridge
  Page(s): 243-52 on <b>Archaic</b> Cretan cities, including the Gortyn law code.

Unit 3 Session 3


  Author(s): Michalis Andrianakis.
  Title: The Old City of Hania
  Year: 2000
  Publisher: Adam Editions

  Author(s): Maria Andreadakis-Vlasakis.
  Title: The County of Khania through its Monuments
  Year: 1997
  Publisher: Ministry of Culture Archaeological Receipts Fund
  Published in: Athens
Includes Prehistoric and Graeco-Roman Khania

  Author(s): Tony Fennymore.
  Title: Fenny’s Hania: A Companion to Fenny’s Guided Walking Tour of Hania Old Town
  Year: 2000
  Publisher: Fenny's Crete
  Published in: Khania

  Author(s): Michael Herzfeld.
  Title: A Place in History: Social and Monumental Time in a Cretan Town
  Year: 1991
  Publisher: Princeton University Press
  Published in: Princeton, N.J.
Information on Rethymno