Prehistoric Sphakia: Neo-Palatial Agia Marina


We start in this session by looking at Neo-palatial Agia Marina (hereafter Ag. Marina). Firstly we will look at a site description, then we will take you through the assemblage. Next, using the database you will start to question the evidence yourself and see what conclusions you can draw.

For an outline of what is now known you should read the second preliminary report of the Sphakia Survey by L. Nixon, J. Moody, S. Price, and O. Rackham, which includes a section on the Prehistoric period.

Preliminary report of the Sphakia Survey (1988)

Below you will see a map of Crete, with the major settlements of Prehistoric Crete (plus smaller ones in SW Crete) clearly marked.

MAP of Crete, Prehistoric phase