Graeco-Roman Sphakia: the Sanctuary at Agiasmatsi Cave and the Settlement at Agios Astratigos


In Session 1 we examined one site for the Prehistoric era. For the Graeco-Roman era we will look at two sites. This gives us even more ways to question the evidence that we find.

Investigations in the 1960s and 1970s identified the two sites that we will focus on in this session, but the pattern of the area as a whole only became clear with the work of the Sphakia Survey.

You should next read the second preliminary report of the Sphakia Survey by L. Nixon, J. Moody, S. Price, and O. Rackham, which includes a section on the Graeco-Roman period

Preliminary report of the Sphakia Survey (1989)

Below we have provided a map of Crete, showing the major settlements (and smaller ones in SW Crete) in the Graeco-Roman phase.

Map of Crete, Graeco-Roman phase