Unit 4 Session 4: Comparisons


At the end of Unit 3, we asked you to look at the three large sites diachronically (across periods). Here we ask you to do two things.

First, compare Ag. Marina; Agiasmatsi and Ag. Astratigos; and Patsianos diachronically using the tables below. For example, how does the range of foreign contacts vary from period to period?

Second, we suggest that you do some synchronic (within period) comparisons. Specifically, how does Ag. Marina compare with Knossos? How do Agiasmatsi and Ag. Astratigos compare with Gortyn? How does Patsianos compare with Khania?

What other information would you need to have a more inclusive view of sites in each of the three epochs discussed here?

What conclusions might we draw about life in the epochs above from comparing the evidence of the different epochs?

How might the categories we choose to compare change our opinions?